Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pay24 Android App

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Top up your Myki, Myki Pass, Opal, CityLink, EastLink, TransLink go card, RMS myE-Toll or CMobile account straight from your Android Phone with the Pay24 app. 

Check your balance and be notified when it goes below your nominated threshold. 

Pay24 provides a simple, convenient and efficient new way of managing your Myki, Opal, CityLink, EastLink, TransLink go card, CMobile and RMS myE-Toll accounts. 

Features include:
♦ Notifications of low balance (and for Myki if your pass is close to expiring)
♦ Top up your accounts with your choice of credit card or debit card 
♦ Supports both unregistered and registered cards for Myki

PLDT Global Wallet App

Mobile Development android-app-development
Load and Save Wallet points and load currency

Ready To Parent

MARCH 2016
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Getting ready to parent is easier when you’ve got a whole lot of help. That’s exactly what’s in store for you here at Ready to Parent. Get articles relevant to the state of pregnancy you’re in. Keep track of your pregnancy journey with our Pregnancy Journal. And most importantly, get and stay in touch with a community of co-parents to make this whole parenting thing as worry-free as possible.
Sunday, October 30, 2016

json_encode returns NULL

In this case you'll have to make sure your Strings are all encoded in utf8. This used to be not a problem for me in prior version of PHP before I upgraded to 5.6.
Sunday, March 27, 2016

First Espresso Test Setup

The minimal setup for Espresso to get up and running

This will be a very minimal demo of how to setup Espresso testing in your Android Project. First, create a new Android Project to demonstrates how barebones it is.

Add this to your app module build file (the one that is \app\build.gradle)

testInstrumentationRunner ""

testCompile 'junit:junit:4.12'

androidTestCompile ''androidTestCompile ''androidTestCompile ''

your build.gradle should look like this:

Your activity_main.xml should look something like this:

Create a MainActivityTest in your androidTest folder

To run the test right click on MainActivityTest then Run 'MainActivityTest'

Your test should pass like this:

To test if your test is indeed correctly setup change the text in the TextView to something else. You should receive a failed test like this:

If at this point your test still passes you shouldn't be happy that it passed. Something's wrong with your test.

Updated my Android Studio

It always help in my productivity to get the latest version of my work environment. Especially if it has speed enhancements. I have already also improved my Android Studio's speed especially when it comes to gradle build. It really adds up to my overall productivity and efficiency.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hiring an Android specialist is the difference between having a great-awesome app and a buggy-mediocre app.

Some of the specialties you should look for when hiring an Android dev are: 

(depending on your app's requirements)
  • communication with servers
  • working with images
  • automated testing
  • performance optimization
  • analytics
  • handling data
  • maintainability
  • date manipulations and handling
  • encryption handling
  • social integration

These features can be implemented and made to look working on your app but you should watch out if they're implemented with best practices in mind that will not cause problems down the line. Most often than not I see clients who want their existing app saved from their demise because of bugginess, performance issues, mediocre design and it doesn't matter if the app is seemingly simple or complex. It was the result of hiring someone who just knows the basics in developing applications in Android.