Monday, October 15, 2007

Growing Up

Growing Up

I’m now at it; the most exciting part

I know this is my life; and I’m going to have control over it.

As I’ve always wanted: physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually,

I’ll gonna take them all to the fullest

Of laughters, tears and glory; of friends that help me see clearly

And I’ll gonna make sure that the circle will grow big

Big, as big as I can imagine; but I know how exactly I want it to be

My self, my dreams, my life

I can see them happening; and just how much I stretch my

Arms to reach for them

‘coz I deeply know that before I burn out or fade away,

I’ll accomplish all of them – very well.

Got Used To

Got Used To

I opened my eyes only to see so many lights

I went to school afterwards, next thing I know I was not allowed by the guards

To let me enter that gate ‘cause I’m again usually late

Answering questions absent-mindedly, thinking of recess immediately

Went to the office and signed a slip

‘cause I’ve been caught again on a sleep

Skipping so many of my classes, next thing I knew were sounds of crashes

Looking at the tubes makes me feel silly, Did I hit them again

While I’m feeling drowsy? “Bring your mom tomorrow”

As she said with a raised eyebrow.

But I’m used to it every day

‘cause I’ve been lazy and clumsy not only this day.

Toy Gal

Toy Gal

I’m bored with it

I threw it away

And then I realized

That it wasn’t just a game

I tried to get it back

And play with it again

But I was just too late

‘Coz he had bought it now

in that old store

Where I had pleaded for the sale.

Now I yell & cry

For million times I try

And then I saw it with him

How happy “they” had been

How happy she was with him,

And now I’m going home

And buy a new one some other time.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Freedom in the Rain

Freedom in the Rain

When was the last time you get yourself absolutely wet in the rain?... As in you made the heavy rain drops your shower?.... Hmmm… If I’m guessing you right,… probably when you were still a child… or maybe not at all. What? You have never tried showering in the rain? My my, tsk, tsk… you’re missing out, hmmm… 1/8 of your life… What?!! (you’ll say) I miss that much just for not dancing out in stupid rain??.... Haha, yeah, (I’d say)… If you’re the child-like, adventurous, (pasaway) type of in a cute-way guy or gal hehe…..

You see, dancing in the rain or simply showering in the rain signifies many things (at least for me)…. Just the feeling of being able to do fun things (by the way, fun is a relative word, haha) that you used to do as a kid back then… the feeling of freedom (freedom from what?!), of sheer nature-ly-ness of the act (nature-ly-ness?? What the!)….. not to mention the purity of high-ness that you (actually, me) will feel…. It’s just so close to synonymously ripping your corporate-doggy clothes while running outside your prison-like office and then jumping out of the real (as in real) world!! With your adventurous swimming trunks and then saying halleluiah! I’m free!!!..... (ah-hah, I just saw some similar commercial like this one, hmmm…..).

Well, haha what the heck… whatever I’m yapping about here will just be stupid and nonsense to you man, that is if you’re not the child-like, adventurous, (pasaway) type of in a cute-way guy or gal, hehe….. try it man, you’re life may not be complete after… but it sure will affect your insight of life in a good way =) …. Like a good ol’ cold you’ll be-a-having ;-) (but I have never caught a cold by showering in the rain ;-) )

“And how you convince me to dance in the rain, with everyone watchin’ like we were insane,….” – Boyzone, I Love The Way You Love Me ;-)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Help". It Seemed for Most Filipino Masses

I’ve written this blog because of my observation on how the Filipino “masses” have viewed the word “help”. In particular, “help” from the government and politicians who have hidden agendas when “helping”. I’ve come to the conclusion that most Filipino “masses” have equated real “help” with receiving sacks of rice from politicians. Giving canned foods to them by politicians, they view these acts of “kindness” as real help and thus they vote for these politicians believing that these politicians will save them from poverty. This is the truth in the Philippines, and these they haven’t really have any “platapormas” for the real development and the real “long lasting help”. The masses should always bear in mind that real help by the government is not the “alms” that they give. This only makes people dependent to the government and to other people. That is why pinoys are so good with “pakikisama” because unconsciously or subconsciously or consciously they depend on others for “approval”, “financial help”, “promotion” and others. The government is taking this to their advantage, so they just give “alms” especially on election days, without having focus on community services that will really help the “masses” in the long run. Community services that include seminars for the “masses” with livelihood programs, personal development programs and the like so that Filipinos will learn to depend on themselves before depending on others. Of course, these programs are already existing in the Philippines, but they are not given the primary focus that they deserve because the government is busy making “pa-pogi” by giving “alms” which are “better” and easily appreciated by the “masses”. The media is also to blame here. I will not expand why the media is the one very big factory to blame here, t.v. watchers. Many Filipinos will surely raise some eyebrows with this blog. Saying who am I to say these things, well I am a nobody. I am even included in the “masses”. But my beliefs are different. And I am not saying that my beliefs are the ones that are right and the common “masses” are the wrong ones. But I watch less t.v. and I am currently planning of giving free seminars about technology to public school students. Then afterwards giving free seminars on other more useful things that I know of that can be of use by the common masses.

P.S. don’t get me wrong with the alms, I am not saying that the government shouldn’t give “alms” of help, they should especially during calamities, tragedies, etc. You get the drift, I hope.

You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach man how to fish and you feed him all his life. – by someone I don’t even know.

Monday, July 16, 2007

SCJP Experience

finally, i am now a Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java SE 5.0. Whew! I can't describe the satisfaction and happiness and added self-confidence that i had after seeing that i passed the exam.

Surely, this is a big career opportunity for me in advancement. Probably, i could now have stronger ground to ask for a raise hehe.. (probably a double! hehe!!)… modesty aside though, I personally believe (and the general others as well !!) that I had contributed greatly in our current project (which I arbitrarily chose to be classified info in this blog. Tee-Hee =)).. Anyways, the project is built on EJB 3 and JSF technology and the app server is GlassFish… Now, back to my being certified as a Java Programmer 5.0, I had a blast with the experience. the exam took place at IETI in Guadalupe.. the exam consisted of 72 questions wherein I got 52 correct ones (not bad =)).. the exam Sun provided is cool (multiple answers thru checkboxes, one answer with radio buttons, and the cool drag and drop questions)…. I am planning to implement this drag and drop thing on my own personal online exam project, btw…. They also have this mark thing.. wherein you can mark a question if you’re not sure you have it covered 100% correctly and then you can get back to it after the you have finished all of the questions because Sun provides a list of all the questions in one window with the marked questions well, marked… cool isn’t it =)…. the exam is also timed…. One piece of advice though, study with 2 two three books if you want to be sure of passing the exam… The Sybex Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide is good (covers a lot of ground)… this is the book that I reviewed and solely the only book that I reviewed for the Java 5.0 exam… which gave me unnecessary hard time with some of the questions in the exam… well, it covers a lot but not all… It will still be imperative for you to review other good Java certification books like the McGraw-Hill book (which I heard, is the best certification book, like you could probably just read this as your one and only certification book and you’d ace the exam), and perhaps a Java 5.0 book like Wrox professional Java jdk 5… and more importantly, search the web for sample mock exams for Java 5.0… you’ll need and want lots of these stuff man… and of course, take down important notes… and code the questions and essentially run them and play with the codes okei =)… with these, it would be virtually impossible for you to fail the exam… and of course, don’t forget to pray man he-he… lastly, me I formally reviewed for the certification for approximately less than a one month period… which is bad, but what gave me extra push is my actual experience in programming in the Java 5.0 language… but of course the peculiarities and tricky parts of the questions are the ones to watch out for =)