Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Bought: Close Up White Now

Just bought it at 7-eleven for 66 pesos. I hope this works :-) Though my teeth are decently white but it doesn't hurt to make them extra whiter :-D
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Funny Experience re a Programming Book

I had just finished writing a code sample in a programming book about internationalization and then I load up my application to see the implementation but then it doesn't work! I tried turning the javascript on and off to see if it works but to no avail... I searched google for a similar problem.. it seems my current locale (EN) being reloaded and the locale Spanish (ES) is not... I spent a few good minutes searching for a solution... I was totally clueless why it was not working. I even replaced my source codes with the source codes that came with the programming book but to no avail!... then I decided to skip the internationalization part for a while and just take note of the i18n page... then I went on to progressing with the next page... then.. it turned out that the internationalization implementation was not yet finished on the previous page and I was lacking codes for the implementation to work! LOL!!!!
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second credit card bill (Good or Bad?)

seems good, right? IMO it's really seems good upfront. The only downside (or worry) here is, will this make more people more "reckless" in their credit card purchases? How will this affect the credit card industry (or the banking industry) as a whole? Will it be likely that banks will now be more and more strict in lending? If banks will be at a disadvantage here won't it create more of a bigger problem for the big picture? Power to the people. Power to the people. As long as each person who has a credit card is happy, right?...

The future of Java
for me, it's important to learn and be adept with other languages as well. I still love coding in Java and IMO it will stay for a long time especially on the enterprise. So no worries for us java developers out there. I think if you become an expert in Java enterprise especially in the future then the big bucks will be really there. But, it will certainly be fun and necessary to learn more effective languages that are newer and better designed for your problem domains. If not to stay fun coding but also to be sure you'll still be marketable. It also keeps the fire in you as a geek. lolz.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I've been waiting for so long for this movie to come out ever since I saw a poster of it in SM months ago. When I finally saw it I can say that I like it :-) Maybe not as much as I like the first Wall Street but I can't really compare the two movies because the concept on my opinion is different enough to be compared.

The first movie for me is a coolness and sleazy type of story.
The 2nd movie is a cheesy redemption type of story. So there's really nothing to compare. Oliver Stone did a good job of emphasizing the difference of the wall street scenario back in the days and the current setting now. Of course, you can see that the office back in the first movie has all this CRT monitors and not much style. But in the 2nd movie you can see all these cool LCD monitors and the stylish office too. And also very importantly you can see the difference in the software used between the two movies.

Michael Douglas (then and now)
I think Michael Douglas did a great job of portraying the Gordon Gekko character not only in the first movie (w/c he won best actor) but also in the 2nd movie. He puts the bravado in the film. I'm not sure if I would have still watched the movie if it wasn't Michael Douglas in it. I love this man. I hope he recovers from throat cancer.

Charlie Sheen vs. Shia LaBeouf
Personally, I like Charlie Sheen better than Shia LaBeouf comparing the two wall street movie. Not just the character but how they played the character. Charlie Sheen gave more powerful expressions and delivery. Though I also like how Shia portrayed being a yuppie and i like how he portrayed a confident one.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going back to FireFox

I experienced some "buggy" things on Chrome when using yahoo mail. Like when I have opened a mail it does not change its color to being already read. It doesn't happen to me on Firefox. And sometimes when I already deleted a number of messages on my Inbox, when I open yahoo again the next time the deleted messages are there again!

Though I really like Chrome, especially the ability to enter search strings on the address bar is so cool. But IMO Firefox is way off more stable for now.