Monday, July 16, 2007

SCJP Experience

finally, i am now a Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java SE 5.0. Whew! I can't describe the satisfaction and happiness and added self-confidence that i had after seeing that i passed the exam.

Surely, this is a big career opportunity for me in advancement. Probably, i could now have stronger ground to ask for a raise hehe.. (probably a double! hehe!!)… modesty aside though, I personally believe (and the general others as well !!) that I had contributed greatly in our current project (which I arbitrarily chose to be classified info in this blog. Tee-Hee =)).. Anyways, the project is built on EJB 3 and JSF technology and the app server is GlassFish… Now, back to my being certified as a Java Programmer 5.0, I had a blast with the experience. the exam took place at IETI in Guadalupe.. the exam consisted of 72 questions wherein I got 52 correct ones (not bad =)).. the exam Sun provided is cool (multiple answers thru checkboxes, one answer with radio buttons, and the cool drag and drop questions)…. I am planning to implement this drag and drop thing on my own personal online exam project, btw…. They also have this mark thing.. wherein you can mark a question if you’re not sure you have it covered 100% correctly and then you can get back to it after the you have finished all of the questions because Sun provides a list of all the questions in one window with the marked questions well, marked… cool isn’t it =)…. the exam is also timed…. One piece of advice though, study with 2 two three books if you want to be sure of passing the exam… The Sybex Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide is good (covers a lot of ground)… this is the book that I reviewed and solely the only book that I reviewed for the Java 5.0 exam… which gave me unnecessary hard time with some of the questions in the exam… well, it covers a lot but not all… It will still be imperative for you to review other good Java certification books like the McGraw-Hill book (which I heard, is the best certification book, like you could probably just read this as your one and only certification book and you’d ace the exam), and perhaps a Java 5.0 book like Wrox professional Java jdk 5… and more importantly, search the web for sample mock exams for Java 5.0… you’ll need and want lots of these stuff man… and of course, take down important notes… and code the questions and essentially run them and play with the codes okei =)… with these, it would be virtually impossible for you to fail the exam… and of course, don’t forget to pray man he-he… lastly, me I formally reviewed for the certification for approximately less than a one month period… which is bad, but what gave me extra push is my actual experience in programming in the Java 5.0 language… but of course the peculiarities and tricky parts of the questions are the ones to watch out for =)

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