Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Help". It Seemed for Most Filipino Masses

I’ve written this blog because of my observation on how the Filipino “masses” have viewed the word “help”. In particular, “help” from the government and politicians who have hidden agendas when “helping”. I’ve come to the conclusion that most Filipino “masses” have equated real “help” with receiving sacks of rice from politicians. Giving canned foods to them by politicians, they view these acts of “kindness” as real help and thus they vote for these politicians believing that these politicians will save them from poverty. This is the truth in the Philippines, and these they haven’t really have any “platapormas” for the real development and the real “long lasting help”. The masses should always bear in mind that real help by the government is not the “alms” that they give. This only makes people dependent to the government and to other people. That is why pinoys are so good with “pakikisama” because unconsciously or subconsciously or consciously they depend on others for “approval”, “financial help”, “promotion” and others. The government is taking this to their advantage, so they just give “alms” especially on election days, without having focus on community services that will really help the “masses” in the long run. Community services that include seminars for the “masses” with livelihood programs, personal development programs and the like so that Filipinos will learn to depend on themselves before depending on others. Of course, these programs are already existing in the Philippines, but they are not given the primary focus that they deserve because the government is busy making “pa-pogi” by giving “alms” which are “better” and easily appreciated by the “masses”. The media is also to blame here. I will not expand why the media is the one very big factory to blame here, t.v. watchers. Many Filipinos will surely raise some eyebrows with this blog. Saying who am I to say these things, well I am a nobody. I am even included in the “masses”. But my beliefs are different. And I am not saying that my beliefs are the ones that are right and the common “masses” are the wrong ones. But I watch less t.v. and I am currently planning of giving free seminars about technology to public school students. Then afterwards giving free seminars on other more useful things that I know of that can be of use by the common masses.

P.S. don’t get me wrong with the alms, I am not saying that the government shouldn’t give “alms” of help, they should especially during calamities, tragedies, etc. You get the drift, I hope.

You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach man how to fish and you feed him all his life. – by someone I don’t even know.

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Trina Cruz said...

The true meaning of the word "help" was lost because of this "pakitang-tao" that most politicians are doing. Why can't they just think of the "common good" and "welfare" of the Filipinos? Why do they always need to do projects that would make them more famous, rather than projects that would really "HELP" their constituents? Selfishness would never be a factor in a better nation. I think, this blog have already said a lot about this topic. May we treat this as an eye opener. And let this rekindle our own conscience, because admit it or not, we are the one's choosing this dummies in our government. The things that are happening in the Philippines right now were just results of what our ancestors did years before. Hope we all learn from this mistakes in the past. And to all politicians, please bear in mind that you are in the position to serve, not to be served. And please, stop putting big pictures of your faces in all projects that you are doing. The money used in that project didn't came from your own pocket. It is from the taxes that we (the common tao) pay for. Read the bible, you might learn a lot from there on what true service is all about. Good job Vergil Santos!