Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Case of Getting Abs

Right now I've completely and radically lessened my rice intake.. lunch -- i only eat vegetables most of the time from Bodhi, a vegetarian health food fast food outlet, it's great. their dishes are simply great and delicious. not to mention very healthy, which is very appropriate for me. I only eat less than half of the rice serving. eat like only 1/4 or less of it sometimes. Then in the evening, or sometimes morning i do ab exercises. Currently I've been doing basic crunches, modified crunches, bicycle crunches, double crunches, leg pushes, leg raises, squatting, push-ups with feet raised (for my chest muscle). I know I've been getting results already since i started this program of mine 3 months ago (January 2008), the mirror tells me. but i'm like far from my goal yet. i mean, it's a long journey for me to achieve my dream physique. but it's ok. patience is virtue, not to mention commitment (not obsession, which is a totally different thing with goals)... besides, this is my lifestyle now. when i have achieved my physique goal i will still do these exercises and diet habit of mine. So, good luck to me! I'm enjoying this journey in part of my life right now indeed.

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