Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iron Man 2 Coming Soon

Can't wait to watch this one!! Especially after seeing photos of the upcoming film!!
I don't know yet when's the showing here in the Philippines but I hope it's soon. As in sana bukas na =p

Especially andun si Scarlet Johannson as Black Widow.. grabe na ito hehe.

I really like IronMan as a superhero character talaga, inline with two of my other faves Superman and Batman. Especially since nalaman ko na ang character pala ni Iron Man was inspired by real life billionaire Howard Hughes who is also an inspiration to me personally. They were both super billionaires and playboys and have passion for aviation/technology.

*Chose the pic above among others I saw coz like a true geek and techy guy, the pic shows tony stark with a cool computer =)

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