Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Lines

I recently discovered that on my 3-year stint of blogging I blogged 3-2-3.. meaning, on average I only blog 3 months per year.. hmm.. not as good as I want it to be. I decided to blog more for my personal fulfillment and achiement. Naks. Positively, I will blog more from now on.. especially these past few days that I have more free time at the ______. (Just being careful here... ;-). Now, I want to blog more and pickup on categories i've left off like techy things, about java programming, mobile development, about personal stuffs about me that are not too personal of course, about stuffs that have nothing to do with me but interests me nonetheless, poems, inspirational quotes,.

And some stuffs that I'm going to put on my blog:
- blogroll
- blog visits counter
- picture gallery (but i guess this is only for wordpress)
- video gallery (guess for wordpress only)
- integrate/link to friendster,facebook

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