Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Little Thing I can do

After researching and gathering the facts. I was filled with the urge to do something. Something on my own little way. I feel like this is the least I could do as a Filipino citizen. I've decided to photocopy yung mga nakalap kong facts (in summarized form of course with links to urls). Facts about noynoy aquino. Especially ung mga magagandang batas na nag-NO siya at nag-abstain (makikita dun sa batas na may conflict of interest sa kanya) like yung batas sa land rights ng farmers..
Ididistribute ko ito with note sa huli na i-photocopy din nila if they believe what's written there is true. kase di naman ako makakapag-pa-photocopy ng super dami hehehe. Balak ko din pumunta sa volunteers ng either Gibo or Gordon (di pa ko fully decided, mamya pag-uwi ko magdedecide na ako at makapagdecide na hopefully).

I feel like just voting for the right one is not enough especially when the worst one is yung nangunguna sa survey. I just can't let May 10 pass without me doing the least that I could do. I feel it is my responsbility. Especially now na the information is readily in our hands through the internet. I feel it is our responsibility to share the information to the uninformed or to those who don't have money to access the internet in long duration para magresearch. And to those who simply don't care to research.

I know na baka may makabangga ako sa gagawin ko. But I don't care, as long as alam kong tama ang ginagawa ko. After nila mabasa ang facts, at iboto pa rin nila si Noy.. well wala na kong magagawa dun. At least I can say to myself I did something and not just vote. At least nabigyan ko sila ng informed decision. Dahil obvious naman na ang boboto kay Noy ay walang informed decision at emosyon lang ang basehan. Itong strong emotion na ito ang pinakamahirap sa parteng ito.

It's just one week of sacrificing my energy and money and time. Compared to sacrificing my country's future for four years or more. Because the negative impact a bad governance will have on our country will not only last for 4 years but for more years to come.

Do I really think this would work? I am full of hope, I should not lose hope. we should not lose hope. If bawat bigyan ko ng photocopy ng facts ay ma-convince at bawat isa sa kanila ay ipa-photocopy din yun at yung bigyan nila ay iphotocopy din yun...

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