Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Funny Experience re a Programming Book

I had just finished writing a code sample in a programming book about internationalization and then I load up my application to see the implementation but then it doesn't work! I tried turning the javascript on and off to see if it works but to no avail... I searched google for a similar problem.. it seems my current locale (EN) being reloaded and the locale Spanish (ES) is not... I spent a few good minutes searching for a solution... I was totally clueless why it was not working. I even replaced my source codes with the source codes that came with the programming book but to no avail!... then I decided to skip the internationalization part for a while and just take note of the i18n page... then I went on to progressing with the next page... then.. it turned out that the internationalization implementation was not yet finished on the previous page and I was lacking codes for the implementation to work! LOL!!!!

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