Friday, November 12, 2010

The e-commerce Summit 2010

Many people are interested on making money online nowadays but really only a few have actually earned as much that they can actually leave their current corporate jobs and be a full time internet entrepreneur (whether thru online selling, blogging, advertising, or whatever... the possibilities are actually only limited by your imagination and determination). Me myself haven't earned a penny on the internet via blogs, advertising, google ads or what-not. I have the excuse to myself of being too busy being a corporate java programmer and doing other goals like working out to be fit... But to actually earn from the internet I have not had any success right now. But... right now, I have no more excuse for this, since I am in between corporate jobs right now and aside from working out I really don't have anything else to do. So now is the "perfect" chance for me to actually really put the effort on making money online. How? Well, I have ideas flowing like bees on my mind (blogging, advertising, google ads, selling something, programming as a freelancer). It is up to me to make this a reality. But to really implement a bullet proof way for me to make these ideas a reality and actually earn from them... that's another story. Adding to this is will I earn as soon as possible as I need or want to earn online? This is the big question. And I found my answer on this year's e-commerce Summit.

I am a java programmer. I consider myself as a techie geek. So I really do know that I can get myself started on the internet business by searching on google. Searching on tutorials on how to monetize a blog, how to be paid for advertisements, etc... BUT I admit somehow it really isn't my strong point right now. Having spent 4 years on doing programming work and other techie stuffs that are a bit far fetched from these marketing things. THOUGH I am really interested to jump ship. So why not just search google and try to start things on my own? BECAUSE OF SPEED. Nowadays you have to make every opportunity into something with the shortest time possible. Especially on the internet. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO IMPLEMENT SOMETHING ASAP. So if you are also like me who is interested in really earning on the internet and leave your corporate jobs permanently consider the E-Commerce Summit 2010. It will definitely open up doors (and windows). JUMPSTART ON YOUR IDEAS. DON'T WASTE TIME.

REGISTER NOW for the E-Commer Summit 2010:
You can either join the conference for FREE as a Member of the Digital Filipino Club
or you can invest P9500 (if paid anytime from November 1 to 23) or P10,500 (if paid after the event)

What are you waiting for? Register now!

You can also get a P500 discount coupon! (valid until November 16th only! Just comment below to avail of the discount.)

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