Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KeePass Password Safe (journey into)

Searching on how to implement plug-ins for Safari, Chrome & Firefox (for mobile) for the Digital Wallet app for iOS (for a project here at current full time work at iDigital) I stumbled into KeePass. The plug-ins should provide auto fill functionality for websites in Chrome, Firefox and Safari (this is based from the 1Password app)

The great thing about KeePass is it's open source and it has available extension for Auto Form Fill for Chrome and Firefox. and the firefox extension is also open sourced.

The KeePass plugins available:

The source for the auto fill extension in firefox:

For the Chrome extension:

The download for KeePass (it has ports for Linux and OSX):
- I have to install MonoFramework in OSX
- then install KeePass after

For the KeePass source:

For the Keepass Android version source:

Other open source password managers:

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