Friday, March 18, 2016

Hiring an Android specialist is the difference between having a great-awesome app and a buggy-mediocre app.

Some of the specialties you should look for when hiring an Android dev are: 

(depending on your app's requirements)
  • communication with servers
  • working with images
  • automated testing
  • performance optimization
  • analytics
  • handling data
  • maintainability
  • date manipulations and handling
  • encryption handling
  • social integration

These features can be implemented and made to look working on your app but you should watch out if they're implemented with best practices in mind that will not cause problems down the line. Most often than not I see clients who want their existing app saved from their demise because of bugginess, performance issues, mediocre design and it doesn't matter if the app is seemingly simple or complex. It was the result of hiring someone who just knows the basics in developing applications in Android.

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