Thursday, April 2, 2009

Me and the Golden Alarm Clock

I was really lucky to have found the best possibly perfect alarm clock for me. The Golden Alarm clock. It was the biggest of the alarm clocks that I've canvassed about and it has the loudest alarm. It's alarm comes from the bells and it measures about 5 inches in diameter. Most alarm clocks that I had canvassed are made of plastics but this golden treasure is made of gold plated metal or some kind of heavy stuff material. Consequently due to this very good buy, I canvassed for more like it but found none since the once I bought is already the last stock in SM San Lazaro Appliance Center. I'm really lucky. Though I didn't find one exactly, I found a nice smaller version of it and I also bought it. Since I really need two alarm clocks for me to wake up sometimes, though sometimes I would wake up before the alarm set off or sometimes I wake up with only one alarm setting off. The bigger alarm clock cost 250++ pesos while the smaller one cost 150++ pesos.

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