Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm not a Gadgets Person

1. IBM Lenovo Ideapad/Thinkpad
2. Android phone/iphone/blackberry
3. Kindle 2

* I'd said before that I'm not a gadgets guy and that I don't really care much about high-tech mobile phones. But... my choice is not a mobile phone but a smart phone hehe ;-) No, seriously, it's because I'm targeting to develop apps in smart phones. the IBM laptop is a necessity for me as a programmer. and the Kindle 2 is also a necessity for someone like me who not only is a book lover but reading and learning is also essential in my field. So there it goes, I've justified that I'm not really a gadgets person. I won't buy a gadget just because it's the coolest thing, I buy out of necessity :-)

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