Monday, March 16, 2009

Applications that will surely be found on my box

Here they are: (this is for Windows XP box only)

- Adolix Split Merge PDF - very valuable if you find the need to merge or split your pdf files which, in my case, is very valuable since I always have a need to merge pdf files.
- Atomic Alarm Clock
- Alarm Clock -by bluefive software
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.
- Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
- BitTorrent
- Cyberlink PowerDVD
- downloadHelper (Firefox plugin to download videos)
- Easy Thumbnails by Fookes Software - a must have if you have photos with large size that you want to upload to Friendster or something. this neat freeware will make your photos' file size smaller as you want it. cool =)
- Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
- Firefox. I just couldn't live with the default IE browser.
- LimeWire
- MS Office (the latest version if possible)
- Nero dvd.
- Nitro pdf download (Firefox plugin to convert html to pdf)
- Open Office (the latest version if possible)
- shockwave player
- VLC media player
- winamp. my fave thing for playing my mp3's in windows so far.
- winrar. I've stopped using winzip.

For my development purposes:
1. jdk 1.5 or above
2. eclipse
3. ant. for building, though i sometimes use just the bundled in eclipse
4. blackberry ide, simulators, etc. (for my mobile development of course)
5. my libraries (Spring, Struts, Hibernate, etc)
6. MySQL 5 Essentials
7. SQLYog
8. Android SDK (newly added to my arsenal)
9. XML Spy
10. Altova MapForce
11. Oxygen XML Editor
12. Software AG Crossvision Service Orchestrator Studio
13. Centrasite Community Edition used with Service Orchestrator Studio

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