Monday, March 16, 2009

I need a new Laptop!

I will surely now very much need and want a new laptop. The current computer that I'm using right now which is a desktop is a sure pain in the a**. It fails to detect my usb WD Elements 160 GB of external drive. It was able to detect my Vivitar DVR710 digicam but within less a minute of detecting it, the damn computer restarts. I know this has got something to do with the power of my behated AMD computer. Damn. plain and simple. In addition to these sH#$%t, the cursed computer has a RAM that when held in too tight to the slot will not work! Double damn.

I really wish now I could get my hands on my dream laptop. No I am not wishing. I am targeting. My target now of primary importance of purchase is my everdearest dream of laptop of model IBM Thinkpad 14 inch wide screen with 4 GB of RAM, core 2 duo, a video card that could very well play my favorite games (like Code of Duty 2). this laptop i'm targeting should also have the wi-fi, bluetooth, and a 160gb of hdd or more. I can't wait to get my hands full on this beast. Heheh. I will get it. Promise to myself. I will not settle for anything less anymore, like the MSI that I bought.

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