Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Favorite Hacking/Programming Movies

First, my criteria is simple: entertainment value in particular to the technologically inclined, inspirational value for the technologically inclined, and plot.

1. Anti-trust. I like the plot. it's inspirational for me especially since Milo uses java here.
2. The Matrix. Especially now after finding out that Trinity's hack was the closest real life hack in a movie.
3. Swordfish. Entertaining. Inspirational for me was the part where the hacker in the first part of the movie was going to the airport with his laptop. I like the idea of a programmer going to places.
4. Take Down. I like the plot. I like the character.
5. Die Hard 4. I like the plot. The geekiness of the programmer character. I like the part where the character's apartment was shown. With all the action figures he has and his computer setup, a true geek.
6. Sneakers. I like the plot. Suspenseful.
7. The Net. I love the plot. I love the setup.
8. Mission Impossible. The plot.

*to be reviewed yet: tron, hackers, johnny mnemonic, the lawnmower man, war games., The italian job, foolproof, revolution OS, the conversation, ghost in the shell

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