Friday, March 27, 2009

A slight case of megalomania: Cured

Whew... Uhm.. It will be hard to admit this one, admitting that something's a wrong with one's self. A disease or a misorder. But, the thing is,.. I used to have a delusions of grandeur. I had this burning desire to set my goals up so high in an impossibly amount of time. I had an inkling to be the best that I can be. Nothing less. Well, at least I'm happy that I didn't had the need to be the best among others. Just the best that I can be.. Until I became too hard on myself. forget/regret to actually smell the flowers they say. But now, thank "god-universe", I'm back to reality, and (hopefully) my good grasp of it and perspective will remain with me for all eternity. Now, I know I have to really live. enjoy life. Touch lives. Inspire myself and hopefully others. Laugh. Be fool at times. Play. blah blah.

I have now a clear picture of what my life is what I want: I want to be a java programmer na, that I'm sure.. in the future probably as a hobby na lang. I also also want as ever to be an entrepreneur. Something, something, I have ideas. Many. hmm... Yun lang. In between, just enjoy my life with the peeps in my life.

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